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Play Rooms and Areas
in Little Learners Nursery Centre
Scorton, Richmond

At Little Learners Nursery Centre, we have a wonderful selection of play rooms suitable for your child to have quiet, educational time and active recreational play. Our variety of rooms cater for a wide range of ages; from 6 weeks up to 14 years. Please explore our rooms below. 

If you have any questions, or if you would like to enquire about enrolling your child with us in our nursery in Scorton, please do not hesitate to call us.


This is a lovely room with an ensuite kitchen and spacious play room. This unit is set up to enhance your baby's development through plenty of staff interaction, free play and lots of love and cuddles. 

The room has neutral walls providing a calming and relaxing environment alongside lots of natural resources such as treasure baskets, wooden blocks and lots of sensory play. The staff plan the room and activities around each child's developmental stages and their interests to support their development.

We have a lovely enclosed garden which we use to develop physical skills and allows the children to explore the outdoors. We also regularly take the children for walks using our fantastic triple stroller around the lovely village to see the animals such as the ducks, swans and birds on the lakes and to explore the local parks, fields and woodland to support the children's development. 

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This is our older baby room for children 1-2 years and once the babies are confident on their feet. 
This room offers both physical and sensory areas with a wide range of messy activities and a cosy area for stories and singing. 
The room is set up for the babies to explore and choose various activities to start promoting choice and independence. 

We have a lovely enclosed garden which we use to further develop our gross motor skills and gives the babies the opportunity to explore the outdoors. 
We also take regular walks through the village and to the park where we see various animals and provide children with language surrounding the great outdoors.



This room is a well set out room providing free flow in and outdoors throughout the day during all weathers. The room holds children aged between 2-3 years. 

We plan and develop the interests for each individual child doing weekly observations. The children go out for walks a minimum of once a week exploring our lovely village of Scorton and also visit our local paddock for forest school activities.



This unit takes children aged 3 years to 5 years old . It has been set out around the children's interests to promote and extend the child's development.


The Inventors Room incorporates the EYFS 7 areas of learning for all the children with a dedicated area for each aspect. The children are encouraged to learn through playing in and outdoors freely. We visit forest school twice a week. 

We also have a programme for children who will be going to school the following academic year that ensures we are supporting the transition. Using a daily routine we find ways to promote independence and offer quieter, more focussed activities each morning.

Each key person plans individual and group activities each week using the children's interests and parents input to extend each child's learning to support them achieve set next steps.